Layers Studio

Meaning + Beauty + Self Expression

Meaning // Recognize meaningful moments each day.

Beauty //  You define it.

Self Expression // Create your own story. 

Layers Studio's product development vision is to explore layers of expression inspired by experiences & moments in time that capture an emotion. The layers we love diving into are meaning, beauty and self expression. Each picture above represents a specific moment in time in which I have stopped and recognized that exact place, artifact and emotional connection contained all within that beautifully curated visual. These visuals instantly connect me with that piece of my life's story which contains layers of meaning, beauty and connection with people, places, feelings or artifacts I hold dear. 

A little about me…Michele Hess

+ I am addicted to color and the impact it plays as the backdrop to the environments we live, work, play & explore.

+ I love living a purposeful, well curated life.

+ I am a visual vignette junkie. I love creating them, seeing them & sharing them. 

+ Travel is my catalyst for new discoveries in my inner terrain as well as exploring cultures. 

+ I appreciate and hold dear my friendships in my life that feel like family. These are my certainty anchors that ground me & they are locked in for a lifetime. 

+ I recognize the strength and growth I achieve through the connection I have with my family. Sometimes I even get annoyed that they know me better then I know myself.

+ I am grateful for my leading man in my life. He continues to be an anchor when I start to drift.

+ I have a restless soul. It is hard for me to feel settled. I now view this as an asset because I am always looking to discover something new to me.